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The largest trade fair for beauty products in Japan

Esthetic stage seminars

Venue: Esthetic stage, East hall 7

Free of charge / No pre-registration necessary / approx. 140 seats

All seminars will be conducted in Japanese.

13 May

Speaker: Kento Imataki

  • CEO, Boku to Watashi and. inc 


For Salon Owners

Exhibitor Stage Organized by UTSUMI Co., Ltd.


Speaker:Naomi Hagiwara

  • President, Future Nail

Speaker: Kayo Fujita

  • Honorary educator, AJESTHE

Speaker: Mineko Fujii

  • Honorary educator, AJESTHE




Speaker: Hidemi Morimasa

  • President, Esthetic MORIMASA (School for professionals)
For Esthetician

14 May

Speaker: Sawako Hibino

  • Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Department of Future Medical Science, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine/

For Estheticians, Salon Owners

Speaker: Ai - Sensei

  • Representative director, Ai-shiki Medical Lymph Association (General incorporated association

For Estheticians

15 May

Speaker: Takuto Kawakami

  • the World's Best Therapist
Speaker: Yu - Sensei
  • Beauty therapist
  • Yu-shiki iTherapist Training Association (General incorporated association)

For Estheticians

Speaker: Kana Oishi

  • CEO, La Beaute Co., Ltd

For Salon owners

Speaker: Shoko Ryuzaki

  • CEO, SUISEI, inc.

For All beauty professionals