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Lounge & Cafe

The following information is from the previous event (2024)

Take a break during the meeting.
A range of lounges and cafes are awaiting your presence.
Whether you prefer a light meal and drinks in a relaxed environment or need to conduct business in our business lounge, the choice is yours. Enjoy your visit!

VIP lounge *Only VIP visitors


VIP lounge has been upgraded, providing an even more comfortable and effective space for your business discussions. For our esteemed VIP guests who drop by, we have prepared champagne, light snacks, soft drinks, and more.

Feel free to relax and unwind in the midst of your negotiations or during breaks. Enjoy your stay.

Cafe lounge


At the East 7 Hall cafe, we offer a selection of light snacks and various soft drinks, along with seating areas for your convenience. Feel free to take a break between meetings or make it your go-to spot for lunch and snack times. 


Lounge with food truck


At the compact lounge with food truck in East Hall 8 , we have delicious coffee ready for you. The lounge, conveniently situated near the Femmore area and Femmore stage, and also accessible from East Hall 3, is compact yet easily reachable. We encourage you to stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee.


Business lounge


The business lounge set up within the venue is equipped with free WiFi services and power outlets. Feel free to utilize it for any sudden business needs, meetings, or to wrap up negotiations during the event period.