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The largest trade fair for beauty products in Japan


Highlights for Hair Industry Professionals

The following information is from the previous event (2024)

The latest beauty information that hairdressers must know is now coming together!

Updates on technology, customer attraction, and salon management techniques can be achieved here!

"Beautyworld Japan Tokyo" will feature an area called "Creative Hair" where more than 60 exhibitors display the latest hair products, as well as free seminars by popular hairdressers that will help you improve your skills as a hairdresser.

Once you take the first step, you will be right there in an exciting space created by the enthusiasm of hair industry professionals!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Find Hair Products

You can find a variety of beauty products that can be used as new salon menu items or in-store items

We welcome you to all kinds of hair-related products and industry-leading information, from various treatment chemicals to combs, scissors, hair dryers, hair clippers, store-bought hair care products, and salon management support tools.


Learn at Seminars

Spectacular techniques, customer attraction, and management techniques will be revealed!

*On-demand distribution of the seminar will not be available
*All seminars will be conducted in Japanese


13 May 10:30-12:00

Learn barbering! Stay updated with the latest techniques! Men's haircut seminar by WAHL certified instructors (WAHL Educator)

  • Speaker: Masahiro Kawakami
    The world's leading hair clippers manufacturer WAHL Educator

  • Speaker: Saki Ichikawa
    The world's leading hair clippers manufacturer WAHL Educator

13 May 12:40-13:30

A new era of beauty and digital technolomgy

  • Speaker: Mitsunobu Kaneuchi
    Chairman, Beauty Shop Owner's Association of Tokyo
  • Speaker: Yuta Teramura
    CEO, iii Corporation
  • Speaker:Daichi Aoki
    Representative Director, CORPORATION COA
  • Speaker KOUSEI
    President, ONYX

14 May 11:10-12:00

Crafting an effortless straightening menu: The foolproof 'Lian-method' for achieving successful hair straightening, easily understood by everyone

  • Speaker: Ryosuke Hatakeyama
    Representative, Lian

15 May  12:40-13:30

"Those who dominate the facial area dominate customer requests!" Customer service and ALBUM management to win hearts and minds, taught by a female beautician

  • Speaker:NATSUMI
    Director, ALBUM

Other Seminars and Presentations